Email from client

Hello Rosa, 

Hope this email finds you well. 

Not sure if you remember talking to me at the end of last year, I lost my Hague Case in NZ and my son was ordered to return back to Australia. You were able to advise that we could return to any state in Australia after reviewing our documents. 

We did go and make it to the Gold Coast, I obtained a great lawyer, Kathleen Simpson from DV Lawyers, where phenomenally she was able to help me when my relocation case for my son to go back to New Zealand [redacted]. If it wasn’t for you saying we could go anywhere I probably would not have made it there. So thank you! 

We have been back home in NZ for the last 2 weeks and it honestly still does not feel real to be back here with my son after all that. I mentally prepared to be stuck there for 2-3 years. 

After going through this here in NZ I have come to find that there is no real support in NZ for NZ mothers that get faced with The Hague Convention, and with talking to [redacted] (whom is the one that reached out to you on my behalf) we have decided to start a Charity here in NZ for mothers that will go through this here, and to raise as much awareness about this Law and hopefully funding to help any mothers that are faced having to return their children/babies back to the country they fled from. 

So again… Thank you! You were a huge help for me and my son and we are now free.